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It’s time for our Recurring Supporters Drive! Help us to keep Portland rewilding by becoming a recurring donor. Recurring donors make a contribution amount each month that is automatically deducted. As we are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization, your support is tax-deductible!

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The mission of Rewild Portland is to promote cultural and environmental resilience through the education of regenerative, placed-based arts, traditions, and technologies. Since 2009 Rewild Portland has been offering free monthly programming in the parks around town. In addition to regular free classes, we offer many tuition-based programs at affordable rates and include scholarships for those with financial hardships. The best way to support Rewild Portland is to donate a small amount each month. Even just $5 a month—the price of a pint of beer—helps tremendously.

What is rewilding?

Rewilding is the return to a place-based lifeway. This means acquiring the things that we need to live from the land itself, collaboratively, in a regenerative way that doesn’t exhaust resources. Rewilding can look like remediating and planting back damaged lands, learning to make tools with our own hands from locally sourced natural materials, learning to live cooperatively, connecting ourselves to the diversity of the natural world, decolonizing our minds, hearts, and relationships, and so much more.

What do we do?

Rewild Portland creates community around the ideas and practices of regenerative, place-based livelihood. Living as a place-based animal is a human birthright that should be accessible to all. Many barriers exist to prevent people from living this way: lack of education, intentional indoctrination away from indigenous methodologies, lack of financial resources, prejudice and injustice—the list goes on and on. By building community around the ideas and practices of place-based living, Rewild Portland makes this way of life more accessible to all. We do this through our free “re-skilling” community events (Free Skills Series) and affordable adult workshops and youth mentoring programs. Our Free Skills Series focuses on three areas: wild and gardened foods, regenerative technologies, and cultural ideas and practices. These elements form the basis of creating a culture of community resilience. For examples, check out the Free Skills Series page on our website. To learn more about us, read our core values.

How your donation makes Portland more resilient:

This is a critical time for Portlanders and those in surrounding areas to lay the groundwork for a resilient future. Faced with the rapidly intensifying effects of climate change, loss of habitat from the development of an increasingly populated Portland, the constant threat of the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, and an increase in depression among youth addicted to technology, we need to quickly build grassroots communities that connect us to our place, and learn how to adapt and live in a changing and uncertain world. By donating monthly to Rewild Portland, even just a small amount, you are investing in creating a future of place-based humans. To show our thanks, every month the Rewild crew leads a special hike for our supporters in a local wild space.

We recognize that recurring support may not be the best option for some. If you would like to donate a one time donation, please do so here. You can also send us a donation via snail mail here: Rewild Portland, PO Box 31083, Portland OR 97231.

Business Sponsorships

We are also seeking corporate and business sponsors for our monthly Free Skills Series. Learn more about business sponsorships here.