Rewild’s Harvest Festival

Green Anchors || 8940 N. Bradford, Portland OR 97203
Saturday, September 25 || 11:00 am–9:00 pm (Pacific)

Help us celebrate the turn of the season and our first fall harvest on the land at Green Anchors! Let’s share the abundant gifts of the sun. 🌞

Things you can bring if you like: extra produce for the fermentation station, apples and pears for cider, a potluck dish with ingredients, your own dishes, songs and music, dyeables, a donation

🎵🎶 11 am–1 pm—Harvest with Work Songs
We shall go rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves. Broom corn, beans, amaranth, dye flowers, seed . . . community harvest and song sharing.

🌈1–4 pm—Dye Corner
Bundle dyeing with leaves and flowers, silk scarves to dye available for purchase—all bundles in the pot by 4! Fresh indigo harvest and salt squish to create materials for community artwork.

🌾2 pm—Fiber Focus Garden Tour & Flax Talk
🍎Cider Press: Bring apple and pears!
🥒Pickle Swap: Bring canned goods to swap and share!
🥬Fermentation Station: Let the brine flow! Make your own kimchi, kraut, cortido, and more. Produce and jar donations gladly accepted.

🐿 2 pm – 5 pm—Acorn Food
Every September we teach acorn processing as part of our monthly Free Skills Series. This year we are incorporating this important knowledge into our harvest festival. Learn about, process, and taste this important and delicious ancestral food.

🍴5 pm—Potluck Feast
Baked potato bar! Bring a bit of your own harvest or something local for the spread, including a recipe or list of ingredients.

🎺6:30 pm—Open Mic and Music Circle
Bring your voice, your instrument, your eyes and ears. Let’s play!

This is a community-sourced event. Do you have an offering? Extra produce? Music in your heart? Want to volunteer? Get in touch! Hope to see you there💚