Our Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Rewild Portland is to foster cultural and environmental resilience through place-based arts, traditions, and technologies.

Vision Statement

Together we are remembering what it means to be human, weaving a culture of reciprocity with the land, sharing the tools needed to adapt to a swiftly shifting world.

Our Values

BELONGING: Humans are integral to—not separate from or superior to—nature. We live in ecological interdependence and have a place here, like any other species.

COMMUNITY: Relationship building is the foundational skill of our ancestors. All the ancestral skills we practice are valuable, but none more so than social technologies—skills like communication, collaboration, mutualism, and conflict resolution.

ACCESSIBILITY: Rewilding is for everyone. We are diversifying the movement and removing obstacles so that all people can participate freely in place-based learning.

AGENCY: There is no one right way to live. We honor and support the wild autonomy of all beings.

WELL-BEING: Being rooted to place and in connection with the natural world promotes physical, mental, and emotional healing.

STEWARDSHIP: By tending the land and learning the limits of our environment, we seek balance within our ecosystem, choosing reciprocity as a lifeway.

AUTHENTICITY: We aim to lead with curiosity and conduct ourselves ethically, with integrity and transparency. Perfection is a myth: mistakes are a welcome opportunity for accountability, learning, and growth.