The Rewild Library

The Rewild Library is a collection of more than 500 titles, including rare books, that relate to all aspects of rewilding, from history to handcrafts. It is a “social library,” where we hold read-ins and research days for people to come together and collectively research topics of rewilding. We do this in the interest of unlocking information that is often stuck behind paywalls, accessible only by purchasing books, and to create a community of collective learners. Anyone can come and read books at the library. Monthly financial supporters can also borrow one book at a time to read at home. To become a monthly supporter, please see our donation page. To browse a list of our books, visit our online catalog here:

Our library’s mascot is the Lotor Librarian, who reminds everyone to wear a mask and wash their hands. Lotor is Latin for “hand washer.” It’s also the Latin species name for our mascot, the raccoon (Procyon lotor). With pandemics on the rise globally, washing our hands is more important than ever. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, we provide hand sanitizer for people to “wash” their hands before touching any of the books.

Read-ins are days in which we invite folks to come together to explore the library and share interesting research projects or information they have gleaned or are looking for. In the late 90s television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the headquarters and central training ground was a unique library curated by Giles. The library was filled with relevant ancient texts that could help the characters learn how to defeat the monster of the week. The vision of the Rewild Library is similar: a unique curated library to help us defeat the harmful aspects of domestication.

Library hours

The Library is usually open during Spoon Club and the Free Skills Series. These are optimal times for checking in and out books. Otherwise, you can join us at one of our read-in events.

How to find us?

The Rewild Library is located at Green Anchors, an eco-industrial park in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Green Anchors is next to Cathedral Park, just on the other side of the fence from the boat ramp. You’ll need to park in the neighborhood and walk to Green Anchors by crossing the railroad tracks and walking up the tracks about 100 yards past the entrance to Cathedral Park.