Portland Spoon Club is a space for green woodworkers to gather to carve in company, share techniques & resources and show off tools & projects. Folks are encouraged to bring things to swap & sell. While this is not a structured class, there is space created for aspiring crafters by way of a spoon carving crash course at the beginning of the day and friendly community members who are willing to help greenhorns along the way. Participants should bring their own tools & wood to work, though there is often an abundance of wood thanks to people always bringing a little extra and there are a few sets of tools that can be borrowed during the program. Speaking of extra, Spoon Clubbers are masters at creating an awesome snack table for all to graze. Located next to Cathedral Park in St Johns, our gathering area is technically outside, so come prepared for the weather and bring yourself a seat.

Sometimes community members step up to teach a specific skill during a monthly gathering. If you are interested in hosting a ‘how to’, let us know!

The space is held from 10 am-4 pm the 3rd Sunday of the month.
A spoon carving crash course is from 10:30 am-11:30 am
Minimum age is 16 and the gathering is limited to 30 folks.
There is a suggested donation of $5-10 with no one turned away.

Please sign up through the button below & remember, it’s all just firewood.