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Upcoming Rewild Skillshare: Myths, Legends, Folktales and Yarns

Hello Portland Rewilders!

We would love to invite you to Rewild Portland’s “Rewild Skillshare”, our afternoon social networking event where people make new friends and hang out with friends and family while sharing skills, ideas and strategies for creating new cultures based on humanities ancestral heritage. We welcome all levels of experience.


This month’s theme is Myths, Legends, Folktales, and Yarns!

We’ve moved indoors for the winter months and will be spending our fun crafting time inside a cozy coffee shop called:

The Waypost
3120 N. Williams Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227

Saturday December 29th
From 3pm-5pm

Materials to bring (we will have extra):
• Story books!

• Story games!

• Crafting materials (to work on while listening to stories!)

Please bring stories that take about 10 minutes to read. We’ll also have a few conversation topics such as: why do we tell stories? What are good story-telling techniques? What is the difference between the stories of today and the stories of our past?

Other stuff to bring is your family & friends and a $5-10 sliding scale suggested donation to support our efforts. Remember: “dress to impress”. This is a social event after all!

Also, we are guests at the Waypost, so behave yourselves and remember to make sure you order some hot tea or coffee. They also have great brunch options and specialize in potpies.

See you there!

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