Community Partners

There are many amazing organizations in Portland and beyond that we would like to share with you. Some of them we partner with on a regular basis, while others we simply want to let you know exist.

We are a members of the following organizations:



These are our community partners and like-minded organizations.

Cascadia Wild

Center at Heron Hill

City Repair Project

College of Mythic Cartography


Echoes in Time

Ernie and Erica

Evol Twin Printing

First Ways

Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade

Friends of Trees

Learn Chinook Jargon

No Ivy League

Oregon Archaeological Society

Portland Fruit Tree Project

Prepare PDX

Rabbit Revolution

Sister Spirit

Toby Hemenway

Transition PDX

Urban Edibles

Wild Food Adventures

Your Backyard Farmer



Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School, LLC

Rewild Ontario

Wild Harvests

Wild Abundance