Using The Whole Animal

Friday through Sunday, March 23–25 || 9:00 am–5:00 pm
Non-disclosed location || Near Portland, OR
Three days, $295 || Space is limited

The only way to really understand our connection to the land is by gathering and/or processing our own food. In this class, students will process a goat or sheep the old-fashioned way: with stone and bone implements! (We will also have modern tools available to see how they compare with more ancient ones.) We will use every part of the animal, leaving no waste behind, with the understanding that each part serves a function and that by putting the whole animal to use we are honoring the life of the animal. This is a very hands-on educational class with experienced, ethical teachers. Students will collectively divvy up animal parts and meat to take home with them.

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Instructor Tom Prang has a passion for lifelong learning with a focus in natural and cultural history. His academic backgrounds in education and archaeology have taken him from the Arctic to Arizona over the years. He has been fortunate to live as a subsistence hunter-gatherer, and strives to share these diverse experiences with the hope of working toward a greater understanding of, and harmony with, our society and environment.