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Upper Chinookan Basket Weaving


Wasco Chinook baskets are unique in their design and stylization of geometric shapes and iconic imagery, rich with meaning. These baskets and bags were, and still are today, used for harvesting and collecting roots, for trading, for storing, and for gambling. Chinookan culture spans from the mouth of the Columbia, all the way up river to The Dalles area. Their ancestors began living in this region over 12,000 year ago. Instructor Pat Courtney Gold is a Wasco Chinook Native who was born and raised on the Warm Springs reservation. She is a teacher, lecturer, consultant, and artist who creates replicas and modern pieces for museums. She is known for her efforts to revive the Wasco “full-turn twine” weaving technique that the weaver uses to create the classic Chinookan geometric images. Pat keeps this tradition alive by teaching classes throughout the Northwest and on the reservation where she grew up. We are excited to support her work and offer this class.

Mini Wasco Chinook Sally Bag with Full Turn Twine


In this class students will weave a small (approximately 3 inch diameter, 5 inch high) “Sally Bag” and learn the Chinook-Wasco full-turn twine, allowing them to weave geometric shapes into their baskets. We will be using cotton fiber to make the learning process easier. Twining experience will be helpful. All materials provided/included. Pat will share her Wasco heritage throughout the class.
Saturday, August 6th – 10am to 4pm.
Tuition: $75
Location: N. Portland

Plateau basket


Traditional twined basket with plant fibers.
Class is limited to 8 students.
Sunday, August 7th – 10am to 4pm.
Tuition: $105
Location: N. PortlandPrerequisite: some twining experience.

  • Limited classes are given per year, to preserve the plant materials used in weaving.
  • You will learn the “Z-twine”, the traditional Wasco Start at the base, and you will have options to finish the rim.
  • You will learn to splice the plant fibers, and also learn the Z-twine technique and “V” start..
  • This class will use traditional plant fibers: tule, cattail leaves, and some sedge grass. Materials will be supplied.
  • Materials fee is $40.00 per student. (This fee has been added to the tuition)
  • The class is 5 to 6 hours and you will finish a basket approximately 8 to 10 inches tall.