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Raccoon Observer

The Raccoon Observer is our bi-annual newsletter and rewilding activity book. You’ll find how-to guides, paleo diet recipes, long philosophical rants, poetry and much more. Check out an online preview of our first edition by clicking on the pic above.

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Call for Writers, Artists, Poets, and Philosophers of Rewilding!

We are currently accepting submissions for Rewild Portland’s bi-annual zine, the Raccoon Observer. We are looking for essays, art, stories, activities, recipes, poetry, or other material related to rewilding, including such topics as wild foods, ancestral skills, natural shelters, tracking, deep connection to place/bioregion, ethnobotany, nature connection, and restoring a vital and resilient earth-based culture that nourishes community and the land around us. All images are printed in black and white. People who submit to the observer and get their work put in it receive a free copy of the newsletter.

Submission deadlines:
• April 1st (Spring Issue)
• September 1st (Fall Issue)

Raccoon Observer Submission

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, txt.
    Allowed extensions: jpg, png, pdf, txt