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Apprenticeship Program

Welcome to Rewild Portland’s Apprenticeship Program. This program is a work/trade volunteer position in which we train you in various aspects of rewilding while you perform specific volunteer duties for us. The apprenticeships will last for one year from September through August of the following year. Apprentices must work a minimum of 4 hours a week for the entire internship.


We are looking for people who are:
Ages 17-20
Have 4-8 hours a week to volunteer
Have a respect for nature and the outdoors
Social Media Savvy
Artists & Craftspeople
Have chemistry with current Rewild Portland staff
Priority given to applicants who grew up in Portland and the surrounding region


The following is a list of duties expected to be performed by our interns.
• 4 hours a week minimum of volunteer duties
• Distribution of marketing materials (i.e. canvassing, booth operation, etc.)
• Soliciting In-Kind Donations
• Running Errands
• Facilitation of Rewild Camp
• Assist instructors during educational programs
• Other agreed upon work/trade activities


People who participate in our internship will receive the following training in return for their work with us.
Naturalist Training Routines
Earth Skills Are Easy classes for free
Basketry Classes for free
Edible and Medicinal Plants
Visit Grandma Finisia out on the hoop


Part of our training involves understanding the motives behind rewilding and learning ancestral skills. To fill in the gaps we have a brief required reading list and a larger suggested reading list.
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
The Earth’s Blanket by Nancy Turner
The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic by Martin Prechtel
The Power of Myth

Application Process

To apply, fill out our application [here]. Submit your application no later than Sept. 15th, 2013. After reviewing your application, if we think you are a good fit we will schedule an interview. After the interview if we will have a discussion with staff and let you know by September 30th, 2013.


It is entirely possible that after a few months of the internship, peoples lives and interests may change. We try to avoid terminating interns or interns walking away from the internship by a thorough interview and application process. Still, sometimes people come into a conflict that shows they cannot work together. We stress the “graceful exit” so that neither side leaves with bitterness. When you decide to be an intern for us, it means agreeing to 4 hours a week minimum of volunteer time. This is not much to ask, but for students who work day jobs this can be taxing as life changes. If you think we may not be able to make a 4 hour a week commitment, we ask you not to apply. We are looking for people dedicated to rewilding, and who would rather rearrange their schedules to fit the internship into their lives rather than out of it. Of course, any kind of extreme situation is possible and we are not crazy. We can work around crazy schedules to come up with a different kind of routine. If you talk to us in advance, we could schedule a week off where you cover the 4 hours the next week by upping it to 8 hours.