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Natural Pottery


Pottery is one of the oldest known vessels for cooking and storing food. Before commercially processed clay and temperature controlled kilns, people had to source and filter the clay themselves and have specialized knowledge in firing the clay so that it would not be shocked and explode.

Individual Cooking Pot


Day One: Saturday August 1st, 2015
Day Two: Saturday September 19th, 2015
10am – 6pm both days
10 student limit.
In this two day class students make a clay pot and fire it in a fire pit. In order to properly dry out the pots before firing the old fashioned way, we will have a month between the days of the class. On day one we will demonstrate how to find and filter clay, then make our pots. Day two will be spent preparing for the firing: chopping & sizing wood, slowly heating the pots, and finally covering them and tending the fire as it burns down.
Instructor: Tony Deland