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Bone Tools


Once upon a time in history, the bone awl was one of the most important multi-purpose tools that people would carry with them wherever they went. Bone is one of the hardest natural materials. It breaks down over time and is eaten by animals. For this reason, stone receives more credit as a household tool of our “Stone Age” ancestors. Like most natural materials, bone is shaped through abrasion: scoring, scraping, snapping, splitting and sanding. In this class we will make a bone awl and a bone needle out of deer bones.


In this class students craft and assemble a bone tool kit. This consists of a bone awl, a bone needle, a bone bow-drill hand hold, and a bone knife. From stones to steel, we will show how bone tools were made in the ancient times, and then for the sake of speed, finish up using modern tools.
Date: TBA 10am – 4pm.
Tuition: $55