ASL Animal Tracking and Observation


One of the easiest and most obvious ways to experience more wildlife and more “nature” is to simply be silent. Which is easy to do when you’re alone. But when you’re with a friend, it can be extremely difficult to not “wow!” aloud at the birds, animals, and plants, all around you. Coincidentally, American Sign Language is probably the richest form for talking about the visual world around – an ecstatic linguistic world of color, shape, movement, and relationships. And it is an almost completely silent language. Imagine being able to share your discoveries, express your insights, and stay immersed in a natural world that fears the human voice. Come join us on a rich journey through ASL and Nature Observation!

Immersion Intro to Outdoor ASL

Except for a brief intro, we will spend the entire session silent, tracking animals and observing nature, without speaking out loud, immersed in ASL. This may be difficult for some folks – consider carefully whether or not this is the right class for you. Children are welcome – the instructor will set up special agreements with parents so that you can balance child care with the silent immersion. You may be surprised at how naturally ASL comes to you!

Sunday, June 8th 2014
10am – noon
$10-20 suggested donation
Kelley Point Park
Join instructor Willem Larsen for an outdoor class in communicating the signs of nature silently through ASL. You’ll learn some basic ASL while learning about the natural world.matte-black-trns

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