Adult Workshops

We offer various programs for adults, from simple one-day workshops to months-long immersion experiences. Our shorter programs generally have specific themes, while our longer- term programs bring together three aspects of rewilding: Arts and Crafts, Wild Foods, and Culture. The main tenet underlying all three of our program themes is regeneration for the land, community, and self.

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To refer to arts and crafts as “technology” feels sacrilegious to us. When we think of technology we think of modern tools: iPads, smartphones, robots. Even if we tack “ancestral” to the front, it does the actual objects no service. Crafting, working with the hands, silences the mind. Silencing the mind is meditative, therapeutic.

8_25_12_eWild Foods

Knowing wild foods unlocks a world of possibility through self-reliance and nutrition. Understanding how to harvest and prepare edible wild plants is just the beginning. In order to rewild, we must learn to tend the wild foods we eat through regenerative harvests. Our wild foods class covers identification, harvest, preparation, and how to keep plants growing to ensure future harvests.


Some people refer to cultural skills as the “soft” or “invisible” skills. These are the skills needed to live in a community: how to mentor a child, how to resolve an interpersonal conflict, how to relieve stress, how to stay focused, how to deepen relationships, and more. These skills are the most difficult to acquire and the most frequently ignored. Yet they are the foundation of human culture and without them any other skills mean nothing.