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Private Groups & Programs

Rewild Portland offers a great supplemental component to your existing arts, education or environmental curriculum. This option is great for public schools, camps, workshops, rendezvous, or campground. We also serve private groups such as home-schoolers, unschoolers, church groups, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, families, and any other kind of club or organized group. Have us come out and spice up your program with our unique skill set. Our programs are designed to be flexible to fit your individual and group needs.

Choose Your Skill Set

Rewilding is a broad, all-encompassing way of life that has thousands of art forms to choose from. We have a list for you to pick out which elements of traditional technology you would like to have present at your workshop. If you do not see something on the list, it does not mean that we do not teach it. Please feel free to ask us if we teach a particular skill you would like your students to learn.

Survival Skills – Nature Awareness – Natural Crafts

We ask clients to choose between one of these three categories, although they all tend to blend together as the each involve a bit of one another, ie in survival skills we teach friction fire which requires teaching about nature awareness (where to find materials) and building a fire set (natural crafting).

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