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Build Your Own Prehistoric Toolkit

TBA 2018 || 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Rewild Portland Studio || 438 NW 22nd Street, Portland OR
Four Evenings, $125 || Space is limited

Humans have been making tools for millions of years. This class will take you through the prehistoric tool kit from various time periods and show you how effective simple tools were in the day to day lives of our paleolithic ancestors and how effective they can still be today. Learn when and where these tools were incorporated into human culture in the archeological record. This class is a great intro to experimental archaeology and ancestral skills. 

The toolkit you make may include:
Hammer stone, Discoidal Flake Knives, Burin, Hand Axe, Bone Awl, Antler pressure flaker, and Cordage.

Instructor Tom Prang has a passion for lifelong learning with a focus in natural and cultural history. His academic backgrounds in Education and Archeology have taken him from the Arctic to Arizona over the years. He has been fortunate to live as a subsistence hunter/gatherer, and strives to share these diverse experiences with the hope of working toward a greater understanding of, and harmony with, our society and environment.