Basketry 101

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Sundays. May 6, 13, 20, 27. 9am-5pm

$250 (10 student limit)

Basketry is an ancient art that has culminated in a wealth of knowledge and techniques. There are three styles of baskets found worldwide: Stake and Strand (or twined), Coiled, and Plaited. In this series of basketry classes, we spend one a day a week for four weeks covering the three main styles of weaving. We include the variation of stake and strand known as “ribbed” baskets, on the fourth week. Teaching the idea that “form follows function;” we focus on the structure of weaving first, and embellishment and beauty of the basket second. This class uses the invasive species English Ivy as the main source material for our baskets. We harvest the material on site as part of the class.

Four Days, Four Classes, Four Baskets.

You’ll walk away with:

• An understanding of the entire basketry process, from harvesting materials to the completed container. 

• A glimpse into the potential for using invasive species as resources. 

• An understanding and experience weaving the three universal styles of weaving.

• Four easy basket patterns.

• The history of basketry.

• Basketry vocabulary.

• Basketry resources beyond the class.



Class One • Twined Basket


Class Two • Coiled Basket

coiled ivy normal

Class Three • Plaited Basket

Class Four • Ribbed Basket

english ivy basket



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