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Spring Break Camp

March 19-23, 9am-3pm

Ages 5-11

@ The Mud Hut
6814 N Saint Louis
Portland, OR 97203

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Daily Themes


Monday Wind & Wings – Together we’ll spend our day observing the activities above our heads. With our eyes on the skies we’ll track the sun, follow the wind, listen for the high chirps of birds or the quiet buzz of insect wings and play amongst the trees.



Tuesday Hide & seek – Who’s that hiding in the bushes? Did you see a movement or hear a rustling? Moving stealthily and quietly through nature takes skill and practice. Together we’ll learn how to master the art of being unseen.



Wednesday Sprouts & Stems – The fresh greens of Spring draw lots of life. Together we’ll explore the world of plants, identify them and their many uses and discover who makes their homes amongst the shady leaves.




Thursday Birds & Bugs – Chirps and tweets, buzzes and clicks, birds and bugs have a lot to say. We’ll listen and watch to learn their ways.




Friday Creatures & Critters – Who else passes through the Arboretum? We’ll spend the day exploring the park looking for signs, listening for calls and following the tracks.