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Spring Break Camp

March 27th – 31st

Ages 5-11

N. Portland

Daily Themes


Monday Wind & Wings – Together we’ll spend our day observing the activities above our heads. With our eyes on the skies we’ll track the sun, follow the wind, listen for the high chirps of birds or the quiet buzz of insect wings and play amongst the trees.


Tuesday Hide & seek – Who’s that hiding in the bushes? Did you see a movement or hear a rustling? Moving stealthily and quietly through nature takes skill and practice. Together we’ll learn how to master the art of being unseen.


Wednesday Sprouts & Stems – The fresh greens of Spring draw lots of life. Together we’ll explore the world of plants, identify them and their many uses and discover who makes their homes amongst the shady leaves.


Thursday Birds & Bugs – Chirps and tweets, buzzes and clicks, birds and bugs have a lot to say. We’ll listen and watch to learn their ways.


Friday Creatures & Critters – Who else passes through the Arboretum? We’ll spend the day exploring the park looking for signs, listening for calls and following the tracks.





lauraLaura Goldstone Laura was raised in Selma, California, a small farming community in the central San Joaquin Valley. Her father worked for the National Park service before raising a family, so she and her two siblings spent much of their childhood camping and exploring Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and the surrounding foothills. Laura earned a BA in Fine Arts from Fresno State with plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a teacher. She soon found herself thrust into the non-profit education world, teaching art and science for the Fresno Metropolitan Museum, studying at the Institute of Inquiry with the Exploratorium in San Francisco, developing and teaching programs at the San Diego Museum of Natural History, The Rueben H. Fleet Science Center, and many after-school programs in between. She left San Diego to return to her home territories and was honored to work as the Preschool-Programs Coordinator for the San Joaquin Parkway and Conservation Trust. Teaching 4 and 5 year olds along the San Joaquin River is one of her cherished educator experiences. Flowing along from one great river to another, Laura moved to Portland, Oregon. She worked for Trackers in 2013 as their lead coordinator for 4-5 year old camps, which helped spark a desire to learn not just survival, but ancestral skills. In her pursuit of knowledge and practice she stumbled across Rewild Portland, “ I saw that table full of bone tools and the most wondrous hand-made items and just knew I would get a lot out of my time with them, I couldn’t sign up to volunteer fast enough. I am so thrilled to have found not only an organization with a philosophy that resonates with my own life, but a real community of learners, educators, makers, artists and real visionaries. My life really hasn’t been the same.”

DSC_0525_smallPeter Bauer has been with the Nature Immersion program for four years. His background is in using the 8 Shields Nature Connection model developed by Jon Young. He has worked with Friends of Tryon Creek, Portland Waldorf High School, Cascadia Wild, Echoes in Time, and is the founder of Rewild Portland. An Eagle Scout and avid outdoorsman, Peter also brings many ancestral skills and wilderness skills to the program, helping children learn camp crafts and outdoor knowledge. He is also the founder and director of Rewild Portland.



Monday through Friday, March 27th to March 31st, 9am to 3pm. 
Sign up quick, we have a 12 child Limit! This makes for a 1:6 staff to student ratio which we believe is the ideal.
Location: Columbia Children’s Arboretum, North Portland OR. Cost: $225add to cart