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Afterschool Herbalism

Herbalism is the ancient tradition of healing our bodies with the use of herbs. Plant medicine has played an important role in human history and prehistory. Once a common practice, a common knowledge shared among people, herbalism has diminished through coercion from patriarchy and big pharma. We are happy to partner with our friends at Seed & Thistle Apothecary to be a part of the resurgence in herbalism. We want to put medicine back in the hands of the people by empowering the young women (and all genders) of today.

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Young Wombyn’s Afterschool Herbalism

Tuesdays, April 4th – May 9th, 2017

For Young Women 13 & up

Join Rewild and Seed & Thistle Apothecary for a 6 week series that dives into the plant world and learns more of the mirroring cycles of the womb, moon, and earth.  Each week we will focus on one plant to learn medicinal properties, uses, a preparation and the physiology of the female reproductive system.  Tuition includes a journal, weekly herbal preparation, and a healthy snack.

Time & Location

Seed & Thistle Apothecary
6520 NE Wygant St
Portland, OR 97218

Six week series meets Tuesdays
April 4th – May 9th, 2017
4:00pm – 6:30pm
Tuition $300
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Limited Scholarships available, contact lara.pacheco.w@gmail.com to learn more.

Young People’s Afterschool Herbalism For All

Wednesdays, April 26th – May 31st, 2017

For all genders, Ages 9 & up

For this 6 week series, participants will spend each week with one of the elements and plants associated with that.  Youth will learn medicinal properties and uses and how they can be allies to help us discover our own unique gifts to offer back to the earth and community. Tuition includes a journal, a healthy snack at each session, and the opportunity for young folks to connect more deeply to themselves and the plants that surround them. Ages 9 and up and all types of genders are welcome in this group!

Time & LocationS & T space

Seed & Thistle Apothecary
6520 NE Wygant St
Portland, OR 97218

Six week series meets Mondays
April 26th – May 31st, 2017
4:00pm – 6:30pm
Tuition $300
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Limited scholarships available, contact lara.pacheco.w@gmail.com to learn more.

Course Instructors

Lara Pacheco
Lara is a clinical herbalist who founded Seed and Thistle Apothecary, which offers a monthly herbal subscription of seasonally based herbal preparations from plants she grows and ethically wildcrafts.  Within this model, she also offers consultations and customized options where individuals are matched with specific plant medicine to help support their health.  Lara is a Latina community organizer and teaches classes, builds gardens, and advocacy around women’s health and access to alternative medicine for the underserved. Lara learned from the plants originally in the farm and field then pursued further studies in the Pacific Northwest with the School of Traditional Western Herbalism and worked with Scott Kloos for his one time offering of the Cascadia Folk Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship.

Kate Coulton
Kate first developed a passion for nature at a young age when she pondered the extreme efforts of people in her community to eradicate the dandelion. While studying Cultural Anthropology in Montana she became fascinated with traditional healing practices of the region and around the world. After traveling she decided to settle in the Pacific Northwest. Many great teachers and opportunities arrived including  a Permaculture design certification course,  the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and the School of Forest Medicine Immersion program. Kate currently works with Scott Kloos at Cascadia Folk Medicine. She has experience teaching people of all ages and particularly enjoys working with children and young adults. She believes the natural world around us is a great ally in times of transition. Expressing  deepest gratitude to the plants for their ancient wisdom,  healing abilities and their very existence as an individual is essential to her practices.