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Rewild Portland is like a ship, a vessel for making a living. At the helm is Captain Peter Bauer, who in turn answers to the Board of Directors. We don’t have a stationary crew manning the ship for every quest we go on. It’s more like, Peter rents out the ship for freelance instructors to use for the non-profit purpose of creating cultural and environmental sustainability through arts and education. It functions like a hunting party: each project is like a temporary band of hunter-gatherers who have come together for the duration of the hunt in order to make their living together in the moment. Once the hunt ends, each person takes their share and moves on. Some people might head out with us again right away on another endeavor. Others might leave for a time and come back, while still others may wander off never to be seen again.

If you are a teacher of something rewild-like and are interested in partnering with our organization as a vessel to make your idea for a class possible, please do not hesitate to contact us. Often times, teachers can’t simultaneously do marketing, waivers, worry about insurance policies, logistics, food, rent, etc. Let us provide the organizational back-up you need to just come in and do what you do best: share an amazing skill to a great group of students. We have a core group here, but we are always scouting for more talented craftspeople to join our crew for a voyage or two or three. Contact us with your idea and what you would like to teach and we’ll go from there.

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