Free Skills Series


Sponsored by: The Rewilding Free Skills Series is a class & networking event that happens monthly, that usually occurs (but not always) on the last Saturday of the month. It is a place for social networking where people make new friends and hang out with old friends learning skills to connect us with humanity’s ancestral […]

Bow & Arrow Workshops


The bow and arrow is a symbol of primal adventure. It is a hunting tool, a weapon of war and protection, and used for sport in archery competitions. The oldest known bow was found in a cave in Denmark and is carbon dated to 9,000 BCE. Humans have been using bows and arrows for at […]

English Ivy Basketry


“English Ivy is an invasive, introduced plant species which damages our forests by reducing biodiversity and negatively impacting native wildlife.  It is fabulous to see this weed removed from our natural areas and transformed into a productive, creative item!” Rachel Felice, Westside Stewardship Coordinator, Portland Parks and Recreation “In my eleven years of teaching basketry […]