Free Skills Series


The Rewilding Free Skills Series is a family friendly class & networking event that happens monthly, that usually occurs (but not always) on the last Saturday of the month. It is a place for social networking where people make new friends and hang out with old friends learning skills to connect us with humanity’s ancestral […]

Adult Programs


We offer various programs for adults; from simple, one-day workshops to several month long immersion experiences. Our shorter programs generally have specific themes while our longer term programs are geared toward cohesion of three aspects of rewilding: Arts and crafts, Wild Foods, and Culture. The main tenant underlying all three of our program themes is […]

Youth Programs


A┬ásustainable planet begins with connecting our youth with nature. This can take many shapes and forms from science-based education to experiential immersion in the natural elements. People who care about the environment do so because they have a deeply personal connection to it. It is imperative to make this a life-long connection, starting from birth […]