English Ivy Basketry

english ivy basket

“English Ivy is an invasive, introduced plant species which damages our forests by reducing biodiversity and negatively impacting native wildlife.  It is fabulous to see this weed removed from our natural areas and transformed into a productive, creative item!” Rachel Felice, Westside Stewardship Coordinator, Portland Parks and Recreation “In my eleven years of teaching basketry […]

Adult Workshops


We offer various programs for adults, from simple one-day workshops to months-long immersion experiences. Our shorter programs generally have specific themes, while our longer- term programs bring together three aspects of rewilding: Arts and Crafts, Wild Foods, and Culture. The main tenet underlying all three of our program themes is regeneration for the land, community, […]

Youth Programs


  A sustainable planet begins with connecting our youth with nature. This can take many shapes and forms; from science-based education to experiential immersion in the natural elements. People who care about the environment do so because they have a deeply personal connection to it. It is imperative to make this a life-long connection, starting from […]