Rewilding 122

Rewilding 122: Personal Rewilding

Rewild Portland Studio || NW Portland, Oregon
Four weeks, $125 || Space is limited
Tuesdays, April 1, 10, 17, 24 || 7:00–8:30 pm

Many people are looking for practical steps that they can take as an individual toward a deeper practice of rewilding. In this class we cover aspects of how to deepen your connection to the natural world, improve your health, lessen your dependency on civilization, and how to create new habits in a toxic culture that is constantly working to keep you plugged in.

Week One: Health
We will discuss ancient patterns of sleep, diet, exercise, and mindfulness and how we can apply these patterns in the contemporary world.

Week Two: Nature Connection
We will look at cultural elements from ancestral cultures that encouraged heightened sensory awareness and connection.

Week Three: Independence from Civilization
We will look at the various ways in which we can limit our dependency on civilization, from wild crafting to time management.

Week Four: Creating Habits
The most difficult aspect of personal growth is changing our current habits. We’ll cover various methods for doing this in a rewilding context.

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